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Impulse compact Compressor 24volt

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Part No. 34.1010

Impulse compressor 24volt has been developed over a number of years to provide a ready to use compressor which can be hard-wired into a vehicle with no extra parts required. Simply connect the power supply to the terminals and a fully controlled air supply is available at the ¼ BSP outlet. Parts are provided including connectors and fixing down screws. All OEM units use a pressure switch demand system which means they unit can be left on whilst driving to charge up to maximum pressure and cut off automatically. A third wire is provided to attach to a dash switch or the vehicle ignition switch.

OEM compressors can be used for direct tyre inflation, to operate vehicle systems (cylinders, suspension etc)  

Voltage:                                    24v dc

Duty Cycle:                               25% continuous (15 mins)

Free Air Delivery (FAD):             1.1 cfm

Current draw:                            12A @ 100 psi

Power:                                      1/8 hp

Weight:                                     2.5 kg.

Maximum Pressure:                   100 & 150 psi 

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Impulse compact Compressor 24volt

Impulse compact Compressor 24volt

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