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ST20P Pivot Tow Pole 2000kg

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ST20P Pivot Tow pole 2000kg

These are the ’bench mark’ tow poles for the UK. They are made to withstand rigorous use on a daily basis and nationally adopted by the leading vehicle recovery organisations.
They are also selected as standard ‘on board’ equipment in some motor manufacturer customer support vehicles.
The Tow Poles dismantle for easy storage in vehicles.
The front section is fitted with a 50 mm ball coupling as standard or a 40 mm eye coupling if required. Larger eyes to special order.
The intermediate section has a ‘splined’ shaft to which the end attachments fit, either straight or inclined, to suit the position of the towing eye of the broken down vehicle.

Tow Poles with the suffix ‘P’ have an auto ‘lock out’ horizontal pivot in the front section, to facilitate the connection between the two vehicles.

Working Length: 2.45 metres Stowed Length: 1.22 metres Weight: 19kgs
Spring hook included, Tight Hook included, Axle Attachment an Optional extra

The ‘Tight’ hook fits the exposed towing eye on the front of the casualty vehicle. The ‘Spring’ Hook fits most recessed towing eyes. The axle attachment fits the centre of the front chassis cross member on older vehicles, which have no towing eyes .

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ST20P Pivot Tow Pole 2000kg

ST20P Pivot Tow Pole 2000kg

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